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When was the last time you had a photo of yourself you LOVED?

Probably way too long, if ever.


Hi! My name is Jamie, and I can’t wait to change that for you at the Parlay House Gala!

I know this is a special event. A chance for you to get fancied up and feel like a celebrity for the night.


But unlike celebrities who know exactly what to do in front of the camera to get the perfect photo (plus have a team of people helping them look amazing), most of us try to document our fancy events with our cell phones.


You may know the frustration of taking dozens of selfies until you get one that’s “good enough” … yet it still doesn't WOW you.


Maybe you think you look too heavy in one, have a weird expression in another, or even catch yourself asking “Is that really what I look like?” and feeling a bit disappointed.


If that’s ever been you, you’re not alone!


It’s an epidemic of sorts for most women to not see their own beauty reflected to them in photos. And I'm on a mission to change that.

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 5.35.46 PM.png

What's worse is when it’s happened so many times, a woman deems herself not photogenic and begins to avoid the camera as much as possible. 


I've been there! I spent most of my teens and early twenties actually trying to ruin each photo I was in by making silly faces and awkward poses. If I looked terrible in the photos on purpose, then I could avoid the sinking feeling of not being pretty enough. 


How can I make such a bold promise?


Because I’ve studied posing and lighting extensively, and have learned

that the camera sees things differently than we do.

I know how to pose and light to flatter every body type, face shape, age, etc. And I’ve helped transform hundreds of women’s negative self image beliefs into self love.

The truth is, you actually ARE photogenic, and I’d be honored to prove it to you.

But at some point, I decided I deserved better. I deserved to show up in pictures feeling AND looking beautiful. Like the best version of me.

It’s why I’m so passionate about giving you (and all my clientsthe best pictures you've ever seen of yourself. Because I know if only you could see the way the rest of the world sees you, you'd be so much kinder to yourself.

Anne can personally vouch for my process, and it's why she's generously gifting you the opportunity to experience what it's like to actually looooovvee the way you look in photos. You will feel like a celebrity for an evening, and have a picture that shows it!

What do you get when you reserve your private Gala Portrait Session?


A mini version of what I do for my clients, including:

  • Hair and makeup touch-ups (think fake lashes, and a little bump of WOW on top of your already amazing look)

  • 5 minutes in front of my camera with fully guided posing to create the most flattering angles

  • The opportunity to choose your favorite photo that will go through my custom retouch regimen (so you don’t have to worry about that pesky zit that pops up the day before the Gala) and will be delivered to you digitally the following week


My clients happily spend $425 for a single photo, but Anne & I have decided to make it super easy for you to treat yourselves for less than (a dinner out? A weeks worth of starbucks?) 


If you’re ready to say YES to the best picture you’ve ever seen of yourself, sign up now by clicking the link below and you’ll be guaranteed VIP for everything above for just $49 (90% off!)



Not sure or have questions? Email me directly at and I'm happy to answer any questions!


Hurry, only 20 spots are available, and we expect them to fill up fast.

***If any open spots remain on the night of the party, they will be available on a first come first serve basis. You can reserve your slot when you arrive, get your portrait taken, and if you choose a photo, it will be available for purchase for $99.***


(Still a steal, but don’t risk missing out on the extra savings or more importantly, the chance to get a keepsake glamour shot of yourself you will love for life!)


You’ll already be feeling amazing and dressed to the 9’s, and you deserve a gorgeous photo that captures just how beautiful you really are.


A personal example of a selfie (yep, that’s me!) VS the power of posing and good lighting, plus a little professional help:


An amazing photo of yourself is more than just a snapshot - it’s a reflection of your highest self, your essence, your magnificence. These are the things that are so easy to lose sight of, but that actually have the power to transform the way you feel about yourself and the way you present yourself to the world.


If you’re thinking, “Yeah, sure… We’ll see” - you’re not alone. In fact, most of my clients come to me thinking a good photo of them could never exist. Here's what they had to say after their photoshoot:


From Pat (transformation featured above):

"I think I must have cried about five times that day, because I just couldn't believe that it was me. It's not the image I have of myself in my head, but it is in my heart, and I think that's exactly what Jamie captured. Thank you Jamie! "


From Annie (transformation featured above):

"People, call this woman, ASAP!! This was not just any ordinary photo shoot, this was transformational... This was a gift to myself, and one that was more needed than I knew. To see myself in this light brought me so much joy, and the experience was empowering and full of strength and self love... She brought the best out of me, and delivered images that I still can't believe are real because they are SO good!!  "

Laura D.jpg

From Laura (transformation featured above):

"I have never felt comfortable having my photo taken and usually try to avoid photo moments that include me.  So, I was definitely apprehensive leading up to the photo shoot with Jamie... Jamie's outgoing, upbeat and positive personality quickly put me at ease as I went through my photo experience... Simply stated, the photo shoot was an enjoyable and fun experience from beginning to end... As for the end result:  I am simply in awe of the final photos. "


From Gwen (transformation featured above):

"Today was more than just getting my picture taken for my website, it was rethinking how I feel about myself and how I look. Jamie helped me blow the negative thoughts I had about myself, out the window.  
***********I'm Gwen and I am photogenic!*********** "

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