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Personal Branding, Glamour, Family Photoshoot: Heather Cassady

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

What a treat it was to work with this woman! Aside from being an incredibly beautiful soul, Heather also has the coolest style and design aesthetic. This should come as no surprise since she’s an amazing floral designer, and making things look beautiful is her superpower. She came to me wanting branding photos for her business that are as unique, simple, and classy as she is. And since each shoot includes up to 6 different looks, she decided to include a couple glamour looks and bring in her family at the end of her photoshoot to update their family photos.

We wanted to show off her artsy side and the luxuriousness of her brand, while also making sure she wouldn’t appear to steal the spotlight of the brides who want to work with her. And everything was to be black, white, and grey (no problem there). We also discussed how she wanted to be photographed with her adorable 3 year old son and husband.

These are the kinds of things we discuss at your in-person consultation before your photoshoot. It’s so important for me to understand you, your brand, your aesthetic, and how you want potential clients to feel when they look at your photos, before we even start shooting. Sure, we all want to appear warm and trustworthy, but what I’m after is that special something that makes you stand out, the thing that draws your dream clients to you. Because this is what people can sense from looking at a photo of you for even half a second.

The more I can understand who you are and why you’re passionate about what you do, the better I can capture your authentic self, and the more the right people can find you.



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