The radical idea that womxn can love themselves exactly as they are


You are beautiful. Yes, YOU!


Yes, even with your beautiful lumps, bumps, wrinkles, rolls, and wobbly bits. Even with your insecurities, anxiety, depression, and loneliness. With all the ways in which your unique magnificence has made you feel like an outcast.

I know it's probably hard to believe right now, but bear with me. Let me see if I can explain.


My name is Jamie Nease and I'm a transformational portrait photographer. I've been helping women fall more deeply in love with themselves for years, and through hundreds of photoshoots, I've witnessed how incredibly hard we are on ourselves. Every woman who steps in front of my camera is a beautiful work of art, and yet it's so hard for her to see this for herself (and believe me, I've been in the same boat). I've used makeup, styling, posing, and retouching to help women see that they can look like the models they see in the media, and that they truly are beautiful.


After years of photoshoots, it got me thinking - Why do we need all of these masks to see our inherent beauty? Why is it so hard for us to see the beauty in ourselves? Could it be possible to show women their beauty without all the charades?

This is why I created RAW.

RAW is a photo project that captures your unique beauty and essence underneath all the stories and beliefs you've been told about who you're supposed to be in order to be beautiful and worthy of love. No hair styling, no makeup, no photoshop. Just you.


Probably sounds a little scary, right? I get it.

RAW is radical because as womxn we've been conditioned to not like ourselves.


The specifics are different in every culture, but the theme is the same throughout: we're not enough as we are.

We're told our lives are to be spent covering up, sucking in, staying small and youthful, taking care of everyone else, and acting like we have it all together.

We spend so much of our lives trying to fit these ridiculous (and ever-changing) ideals, that in the process we lose sight of who we really are. How perfectly imperfect and utterly human we are. Loving ourselves feels so far-fetched that we spend years attending workshops and seminars to wrap our minds around the concept, while simultaneously trying to lose weight and reverse aging so we can accept the person we see in the mirror.

It's exhausting.


It's imprisoning.

It's unfair.


And we're meant for so much more.

That's exactly why I created RAW.

For womxn like you to fall more deeply in love with yourself. You've done the work, and you're ready to reclaim the parts of yourself that you’ve deemed unworthy and unloveable. To liberate yourself from the heavy weight of shame you’ve been carrying around. To be witnessed and held with compassion in the parts that you’ve turned away from.


When you can be with the parts of yourself you’ve cut off for so long, you can begin to heal.

I want to show you that you don't need to change anything - you've always been beautiful and worthy.

In these unique photoshoot experiences, I create a safe container where we can dive into the cut off parts of your soul. Where you can express all the things that have been left unseen and unfelt.


We create works of art from both your shadows AND your light.


Without hair styling, makeup, and photoshop, it's just you. Which means there's no excuse or imposter syndrome when you love your photos. Because it's just YOU, in all your beautiful glory!


You decide where we go in the session, and I create the safety and guidance to allow you to go there in front of my camera.


And when you get to witness your raw beauty, power, and essence reflected back to you, you can experience liberation from all those negative beliefs.

What does liberation look like?

To me, liberation is being fully expressed. Unapologetically authentic. Not living in fear of what someone thinks of me. Feeling at home in my body. Wearing (or not wearing) whatever I want. Communicating my needs and desires in relationships. Setting boundaries. Loving without holding back. Passionately following my heart and speaking my truth. Being kind to the person I see in the mirror. 


Yet if you’re anything like me, the thought of living in this kind of freedom can feel terrifying.

What if people don't like me? What if everyone abandons me?


That's shame talking. And shame likes to come rearing it's ugly head every time we dare to be vulnerable.


So we end up hiding the parts of ourselves we've deemed unworthy and imperfect. Yet as humans we so desperately crave to be seen.


We try our best to fit in our little box, thinking we’ll achieve some sense of relief or happiness when we finally measure up. We tell ourselves that when we're finally at our ideal weight, salary, position, level of success, or in the perfect relationship, then we'll be happy.

But why can't we experience that freedom now?

We all need to be SEEN and HEARD and LOVED exactly as we are to experience freedom.

So what are you ready to let go of?


Maybe it's body shame. Or shame around not being where you’re supposed to be in life right now. Or perhaps shame around feeling anxiety, depression or other mental or physical ailments. Or repressed anger, fear, or grief.

I know how scary it can feel scary to step into these hidden parts of your soul. To be so raw. It feels safer to stay right where you’re at, in your comfort zone.

You're probably thinking "All the women on this page are so beautiful! They're not flawed like me." But the truth is that *everyone* has shame they're carrying around. Even the "perfect" models and professional ballerinas you see in the media. I've photographed womxn of all ages, shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and ethnicities. And let me tell you that *nobody* is immune from shame.


I promise you that on the other side of your fear, is freedom. The only way you grow is by getting out of your comfort zone.

But don't just take my word for it.



Here's what womxn are saying about RAW:

Are you ready?

These sessions are for you if:

  • You want to witness your most pure radiant essence

  • You’re ready to step more fully into your purpose and power

  • You want to see yourself as a work of art

  • You’re ready for transformation & freedom

  • You’re ready to shed old stories about who you’re supposed to be

  • You’ve done healing work and you want to go a step deeper

  • You struggle to fully express yourself

  • You want to process difficult emotions in a safe container

  • You want to connect with yourself in a more intimate way


And, especially, if you’re scared to do this!! The things we fear the most are often the opportunities for our biggest growth.


I invite you to experience yourself in the most RAW and pure way. You are a work of art, my dear, and you deserve to see that for yourself.


Questions? Concerns? Fears? Send them my way!! No judgments or shame here. I’ve heard it all. And I know how scary it can be to say “yes” to healing ourselves.

About Jamie

My mission as a transformational portrait photographer is to allow women the space to be truly seen, for exactly who they are, and to witness the beauty of their being beyond all the thoughts and ideas of who they think they’re supposed to be.


I’m deeply passionate about this mission because I myself have lived a lifetime hiding. Hiding my essence, hiding my body, hiding my voice. Feeling unworthy and trying to fit into a box of who I’m supposed to be.


I used to be a software engineer at Google. Yeah, that’s right. I was basically doing the opposite of what I do now. My parents were both software engineers, and I grew up thinking that worthiness would come from financial success and a desirable career where I could be viewed as super smart and “elite”.


Of course I also thought worthiness came from being skinny, trendy, sexually desirable yet modest, likeable, sweet, quiet, agreeable, putting other’s desires above my own, following the rules, finding a suitable life partner, having children, the list goes on.


My box was so tiny that I became invisible. Yet I was screaming to be seen for who I truly was.


One day my body gave me a massive wake up call. I returned from a work trip to India, and my jaw locked up. Not just for a couple of days or a month, but for a full YEAR.


After being repeatedly told by doctors to just take anti-depressants or muscle relaxers, without any regard for what was actually happening to my body, I went on a quest to heal myself.


On my healing journey (which has turned into a lifelong journey) I discovered that I was living a lie. I didn’t even know who I was or what I actually wanted. I only knew what I’d been told.


Through my work with many healers, coaches, body workers, and an incredible therapist, I’ve discovered that what I really want is to help womxn like myself release the shame they carry around and see how beautiful and powerful they really are. So they can live their lives fully expressed and in their purpose. So we can step into our power and heal the world.


Because that’s the medicine I’ve needed. And I can see how much shame plagues our society and every womxn I've photographed.

I’ve experienced deep depressions, crippling anxiety, and chronic debilitating pain. And I’ve also experienced what healing feels like.


These sessions are created from the deepest longings of my heart and soul to create healing on the planet. Because I truly believe that as womxn heal and stand in their purpose, the world will heal.


So what are you waiting for?!