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Boudoir, Glamour Photoshoot: Leijia Leiman

What’s more fun than exploring your feminine power through boudoir photos? That’s what Leijia wanted when she booked her glamour/boudoir photoshoot. I’ve found that these shoots hold a special space for women to step into their power and truly see their beauty. Having photos like these of ourselves serve as a reminder of our femininity, strength, and confidence in a society that makes women constantly doubt our worthiness.

During your boudoir photoshoot, you get treated to professional hair and makeup and fully guided posing in a safe space where you’re free to be yourself. Most clients who sign up for a shoot like this are very nervous, and that is what makes the experience so special. Facing your fear and changing the way you see yourself is exactly why I do what I do. As soon as we start the photoshoot, the nerves slip away, and we are left laughing and having fun!



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