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Dance Photoshoot: Delila Rose

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

Can you believe Delila is only 13 years old!? I was definitely not this graceful and poised at that age. I just love getting to work with dancers of all ages, showcasing the incredible amount of work they put in to their passion. Delila dances at the incredible studio, San Francisco Dance Space, which happens to be in my neighborhood! I’m so grateful for connecting with this studio, and the amazing owner Laura Wexler.

It’s such a treat to photograph girls in their early teens, because I remember the awkwardness I was feeling at that time in my life. I had braces, acne, was missing teeth, and didn’t feel like my body fit the standard of beauty. I didn’t know where I belonged socially, and desperately just wanted to fit in. I would have loved a magazine-style photoshoot where I could be reminded of my awesomeness and beauty from a 3rd party adult (aka not my parents)!! This was a healing experience for the young girl inside me who still feels that way at times.

Now beautiful Delila and her family will always have these photos to remember this time in her life, to be reminded of her beauty as she becomes a woman and is subjected to the harsh criticisms from our society.



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