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Personal Branding, Mother Daughter Photoshoot, Grief Coach: Ilana Shapiro

I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful Ilana, who is incredibly sweet, hilarious, and wise beyond her years. When we first spoke on the phone, we spent about half the conversation laughing. When I found out what the photos were going to be for, I stopped in my tracks. I was so beautifully inspired.

She has spent a great deal of time grieving the loss of her father, whom she loved very much. And through this process, she has awakened to the calling of her heart. She is turning this incredible pain into a gift for others going through their own loss. Through her grief, she has learned firsthand how our culture does not support the grieving process, and what it really means to feel all the feelings required to begin to move through it.

She is starting her own venture as a grief recovery specialist and grief advocate, helping support people and their loved ones on their grief journey. These photos were the beginning of the branding process for her new business, and a few months after our photoshoot she quit her corporate job to pursue her passion full time! I’m so excited for what is to come, and I’m honored I got to be a part of this process.

When she booked her photoshoot, I told her she could bring along family members to be photographed with at the end if she wanted. She thought it would be really special to bring her mom, who hadn’t been professionally photographed since her husband had passed away. Her mom was hesitant at first (as they usually are), but as soon as we started talking during their consultation, her nerves transformed to excitement as she showed me possible outfits she could wear. It was so special to capture them together at this time in their lives, and just a few days before Mother’s Day, too!



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